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Clash Of Kings Support

Um im echtzeitstrategiebasierenden Game Clash of Kings der ultimative Herrscher zu werden, musst du die unzähligen Spielelemente perfekt beherrschen. Need help or more support for this RTS MMO war and army building game? Contact: [email protected] Connect with Clash of Kings:The West! - Facebook. Clash of Kings. Gefällt 3,7 Mio. Grateful for your support in , year-end welfare Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Text „CLAStrm KINGS " "o​.

A Clash of Kings, Part 2

April ausgestrahlt wird. Die Serie orientiert sich an der Buchvorlage und umfasst in der zweiten Staffel die Handlung von A Clash of Kings. Aufteilung. Das vollständige Angebot der AK Bilbliothek digital steht Ihnen in Kürze zur Verfügung. Wir bitten noch um etwas Geduld! Neu bei OverDrive? Wir helfen Ihnen. around trying something new and some of the guys and gals I play with are very knowledgeable about clash of Kings and very caring and supportive friends.

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Clash Of Kings- Checking Support Instantly!

Der Karneval zum 6. Jahrestag von Clash of Kings, dem Begründer des Kriegsstrategie-Handyspiels, ist jetzt eröffnet! In den letzten sechs Jahren hat Clash of. Over the past six years, Clash of Kings has won the support of players around the world with its pure and epic war strategy experience, a variety of innovative. Stoppt die Bot Spieler und erteilt Clash of Kings eine Lektion! Support Clash of Kings. Beweise das UOF Bots nutzt ist kein Geheimnis. Clash of Kings. Gefällt 3,7 Mio. Grateful for your support in , year-end welfare Bild könnte enthalten: 2 Personen, Text „CLAStrm KINGS " "o​.
Clash Of Kings Support

CoKBot is capable of handling all aspects of the Game. One of the main reason people use it is for upgrading buildings,which make it easy to get to max level base with just 1 single click!

It has tons of anti-ban features and build-in human click patterns to ensure the bot is undetectable. CoKBot has been used by tens of thousands of users without any bans being reported.

Chinese farmers have been using this software for years without any issue! CoK Gold hacks and free Gold generators do not exist.

You can also activate an active skill in an ability. The hero has skill points. They can be obtained through hero upgrades.

The hero has various bonuses from attributes. The attributes of the heroes are carried out when they are sent on campaigns and the defense of the building in order to provide the army or buildings with various bonuses.

Official position skill. Players can add hero stars to activate Official Position skills. An Official Position skill that provides non-combat attributes will only take effect when a hero is assigned to an Official Position with that attribute.

Some official position skills can be upgraded with Hero Shards. Active skill. To gain an active hero skill, players need to upgrade the hero to gain skill points and learn this skill from the hero.

Heroes can provide various attribute bonuses when they lead the squad to the march and are assigned to the appropriate official positions.

How do I get skill points? With each new level, skill points are given: levels for 3 points, levels for 4 points, level 20 and above for 5 points.

To increase the level, kill monsters, use the appropriate items, complete tasks, build and upgrade buildings.

The passive effect of a magic skill will only work when the skill is equipped. Wearing different skills will give different passive effects.

Players can switch magic skill to wear for free. Players cannot equip more than 1 magic skill from the same series. After using the Magic Key to unlock the wearer slot, players can use new magic skills.

A magic skill can be worn in a slot after the slot has been updated to the appropriate order background color.

The upgraded slot will use magic keys. The passive skill of the Wind Magic skill occurs after 15 seconds will take effect in Duel.

Passive Skill of Protective Ice: open shield after being attacked by Lords who meet the requirement. The Peace Shield opens after being attacked, so the battle will be lost this time.

This skill can prevent an attack on the castle for a different time after the first attack. The Peace Shield will not be activated when Lords who meet the requirements go to your castle.

With each new level of the lord, skill points are given. Due to them, you can develop the corresponding branches of skills.

Skills are represented by three main branches: Battle, Development, and Support. The development of one of the branches gives the corresponding bonuses and perks.

Skills are learned sequentially. Tempering heroes. You access Hero Tempering through the Hero Temple. You can get hero items including hero fragments, hero experience, hero recruitment cards, etc.

Each card has 10 stages. Capturing castles will bring you rewards. You can continue to challenge after completing the stage.

If you close your card one day, you will be automatically transferred to the next card the next day. Otherwise, you will remain on the map.

The size of the march depends on the general attribute of the selected heroes. Each day, a maximum of 5 heroes can be sent to a hero challenge.

Once you have selected them, you cannot change them until the next day. The soldiers led by your hero are not real, so there is no effect on your real powers.

Destroy soldiers in the castle to earn points. At each stage, you will be given no more than 3 stars in accordance with your points. Chests can be unlocked using the stars you receive, they will be reset every day.

Dragonborn have dominated the center of the continent for thousands of years. They conquered countless kingdoms, using technologies advanced for the time and excellent equipment.

They were considered the true heirs of the Ancient Dragon who created this world. After the death of the last Dragon, they were embroiled in endless wars.

Their battle for the throne marked the beginning of the Clash of Kings era. A clan of fierce and strong warriors who once reached the Frozen Lands of the Far North.

Legend has it that they received the blessing of the Gods. They are the best of the best fighters and excellent sailors. Their whole life is ale, poetry, battles and the ocean.

The sacred civilization Yamato. Yamato live in strictness of laws, worship Amaterasu - the Sun Goddess. It is believed that they were created and chosen by the Gods.

Their solidarity brought them great strength, their faith in the gods gave them an indestructible mind. To maintain their statehood, they created the Samurai Code.

Qin civilization. The Qin civilization honors the ancestors and Qilin, the people are steadfast and reliable.

It is a single authoritarian empire. It is huge and densely populated. The Qin civilization protects the rights of the people by respecting duties and customs and humility.

The relative one person pays more attention to the collective, has a mature system for managing a huge population, allows them to more easily use their collective power in war.

Crescent Civilization. This civilization comes from a tribe in the heart of the scorching desert. They have a clear understanding of what is good and what is not, and they are enthusiastic and loyal to friends.

They move, fight, conquer and build an incomparable empire, they gather, unite, spread and develop civilization.

The light of civilization shines. The popularity system of a civilization. Different levels of popularity give different bonuses. The popularity level is shown on the progress bar.

You can use a special item to change civilization, but you will lose a certain amount of popularity points for the current civilization, so you should not change too often.

Civilization points will also be accumulated along with popularity points. Their accumulation has a daily limit. Any points accumulated over the limit will not be counted.

Players can spend civilization points in the store on the civilizations popularity page. However, some items will only be available for a certain civilization and a certain level of popularity.

Civilization contribution limit. Use the Popularity Book to gain popularity and increase your daily donation limit.

How to switch civilization? You can use the item Elder Scrolls to change your civilization. Tap Civilization - Temple of Civilization - Toggle Popularity and you can switch to other civilizations.

Civilization points and popularity can be gained every day by killing monsters and enemy soldiers. However, there is a daily limit on the number of points you can earn.

Any points over the limit will not be scored. You can check the number in the Civilization Points shop. Civilization Points can be used to purchase resources and special effects items in the Points Store.

But there are limits on the number of items you can purchase each day, and some items require a certain level of popularity.

How do I get Dragon Crystals? The cavalry is an assault troop type. During the battle, there is a chance of attacking long-range enemy troops.

Cavalry troops are mainly divided into knights and mounted archers. The troops of the knights are suitable for close combat, have relatively equal combat characteristics, and can also carry out an attack on long-range enemy troops.

Mounted archers are suitable for ranged combat, but are vulnerable to attacks from enemy knights. Siege weapons. Siege weapons are the heaviest and slowest combat units.

Siege weapons are mainly subdivided into assault and catapults. Assault weapons are used during close combat and have a bonus to defense when defending a castle.

Catapults are used for long-range attacks. They have a high attack power, but with two attempts, only one attack is possible. War elephant.

A sturdy and gigantic elephant will increase the ability of all your soldiers to defend against the enemy. Once unlocked, the War Elephant can be trained in the Spiritual Hall.

Resource consumption by soldiers. All elite troops soldiers from T1 to T12 will consume your unsafe food. Your T13 High Legion soldiers will also consume your unsafe food, and when your unsafe food runs out, they will continue to consume your safe food.

Troop limit. The maximum number of T11 and T12 soldiers that you are allowed to have is 50M for each type of soldier of any level.

When you train T11 and T12 soldiers, the cost of training these soldiers can be doubled based on the number of that particular type of soldier you have in your castle.

Transfer of soldier skills. In the flag inside your castle, you can click on a soldier to test his talent. To transfer experience between soldier skills:.

The experience of the transferred skill will be converted to the target skill. Not all experience skill will be translated into target skill; a certain ratio of experience skill will be used in the experience transfer process.

For example, after transferring experience level 50 to skill level 1, the last skill will be upgraded to level This operation is irreversible. Before you start it, confirm the level.

Read the confirmation carefully and think twice. Troop advance. When your castle reaches level 15, troop advancement will be available automatically.

Lucky Stone is used to increase the attributes of each type of troops. Attributes are effective for the corresponding troops of all levels.

Kin Stones can be obtained by occupying camps on the world map. Each time you click on advance, it adds a certain amount of experience to the advancement level of your current type of troops.

The added amount of experience is random and has a chance to get a critical multiplier. When experience reaches its maximum value, one attribute will be selected at random for promotion.

In the "Browse Interface" interface, you can check all the received attributes. The consumption amount increases every time you click advance, the added consumption value will be reset the next day.

The gathering of the legion. The function of gathering troops becomes available subject to the presence of a war hall and joining an alliance.

During the gathering of troops, your allies can join you, thus forming a single military formation - the legion.

The legion limit is determined by the level of development of the war hall of the player who started the gathering. At the end of the gathering time, the legion moves to the designated target.

How to increase the number of troops on a campaign? You can increase the number of groups of troops in the campaign by going to the Academy - Military Science and studying the science of the Legion.

If your VIP status has reached level 8, you can also send one more army after its activation. One-time bonus to the number of soldiers created.

After using Enhancement Items, the maximum number of soldiers you can train will depend on the items you are using. You can use multiple items, the display effect in the soldier training interface will be Max.

Workout Remaining: X. If you want to use other items to change your max workout, you need to use all of the item effects you used previously.

Then you can enjoy the effect of other items to increase the training of troops. A campaign means such actions of the player, as a result of which the troops leave the castle and go to a certain point on the world map in order to complete the assigned tasks.

The size and number of troops sent are influenced by various factors, including such as the level of development of the training ground, science, equipment, etc.

The march limit determines the maximum number of military groups that can be sent. The hike limit can be increased either by studying the sciences or by increasing the VIP level.

How to open the system in order? You can customize the types of troops in each position as you like, and the same formation can be effective for attacking or defending a castle at the same time.

For example: if your focus is on cavalry, you can try replacing all 8 units with a cavalry formation. If you are focusing on different types of troops, you can also deploy according to your primary and secondary attributes as shown in the picture.

Description of the scale. All tunings are displayed as separate items. There are four types of formation: infantry, cavalry, archers, and siege weapons.

Each tuning is divided into four qualities - green, blue, purple and orange. The system can be divided into a fixed attribute and a random attribute:.

After the optimization of the new formation, set attributes were also added so that players are not limited to attribute types when forming attributes and can match their own attribute elements at will.

Improvement in tuning. Get in formation - click on specific formation props, use the formation tutorials and the formation guide to improve your formation.

Currently, the maximum formation level is Training materials for the formation can be obtained by destroying wild monsters of levels, the formation guide can be obtained by destroying wild monsters of levels.

Installation and removal of the order. Enter the scale interface, select the indicated position to set and change the scale of the corresponding positions, that is, scale I can only be set at position 1 on the scale page, scale II can only be set at position 2 on the scale page.

Tuning synthesis. Enter the Tuning View interface and use the specified number of Tuning Synthesis Schemes for synthesis. The formation synthesis allows you to synthesize the formation of only one type of troops with the same position.

Synthesis will generate a third tuning according to the following rules. You can select any of the two tunings and scale 3 that are involved in the synthesis, and the other unselected tunings will disappear.

The materials used to improve them will be returned in full. The final quality after synthesis will be randomly generated from the lowest color to the highest tuning color involved in the synthesis.

Blue tuning and blue tuning in synthesis can only give blue tuning. The number of random attributes is determined by the tuning quality after synthesis.

The attribute type will be generated randomly in the line of random attributes participating in the synthesis, and unselected attributes will disappear automatically.

Parsing and lowering the tuning level. Click Flag - Build. Select the specified Scale - Debrief to break the line. Parsing the scale allows you to get the synthesis scheme of the scale and materials of the corresponding scale.

Select the scale shown - minus sign to the left. Lowering the formation allows you to lower the formation by 1 level and return materials for improvement.

The tune disappears when it is dismantled. Green or blue tuning, which one to choose for analysis?

Tuning training. Enter the main interface via Flag - Build Training, spend a certain number of Sandboxes to Build Training, and get random building props.

Every day you have 3 free workout exercises. The probability of getting a formation during training is:. Scale set attribute. The quality of the attribute is related to the quality of the tuning props.

You can not only pick up the right equipment, but also pump it over. A total of 8 types of equipment are available, each of which has a corresponding slot.

Equipment varies in 6 quality-defining colors: white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold. Quality level in descending order: gold, orange. The higher the quality level of the equipment, the higher the attributes.

Equipment is created at the forge. Equipment drawings. Equipment blueprints can be obtained by combining the corresponding fragments. Blueprints can also be purchased from the store.

Blueprints can be obtained during part of the game events follow the details of a specific event. Blueprints for level 43 equipment can be obtained by purchasing gift bags before purchasing, make sure that the purchased gift bag contains the blueprints you need.

Forging equipment of level 43 requires a significant amount of steel. Equipment rank. You can use rank points to exchange them in the War Hall - Exchange of military ranks.

Crafting and bonus parameters. You can forge epic orange and legendary gold equipment. In the absence of obsidian, epic equipment will be forged.

In the case of using obsidian, there is a chance to forge legendary equipment. The chance of successful forging depends on the quality of the obsidian used.

The higher the quality, the greater the chance of successful forging. If you have more than one piece of equipment from the same set, special attributes will become available that can be activated.

Special attributes can only be activated if there are 2, 4 and 6 pieces of equipment from one set. Activation is only possible for equipment of the same quality and type.

Example: if a player has two pieces of equipment from the compassion set, one of which is gold and the other orange, the activation of bonus attributes will not be possible.

Synthesis rules and analysis of equipment materials. Synthesis and parsing do not require costs and time for synthesis and parsing. Versatile equipment.

Universal equipment replaces standard equipment with the same level. Forging versatile gear not only saves steel and time, but is also a convenient way to forge.

Obsidian can be obtained in the dragon tower, hero hardening, daily quests. In terms of quality, obsidian is classified into two types - low and high.

Low-quality obsidian is used when forging equipment of level 30 and below, while high-quality obsidian is used when forging equipment of level 30 and above.

A combination of low quality obsidians produces high quality obsidian. For example, two obsidians of I quality give one II quality.

Obsidians of different quality affect the percentage of successful forging:. Bull horn. Destroy Lv. You can also buy a pack to get the bull horn.

How do I get a gem? The forge has an entrance for a gem. You can use a pickaxe to dig. You will get the opportunity to dig for free every 4 hours.

How to get better quality gems? When you dig for a gem, you have a certain chance to increase your digging depth. The deeper you dig, the higher the chance of unearthing better quality gems.

If you are unable to increase the digging depth, your digging depth will return to its original state. What types of gemstones are there?

Only 2 types: combat and non-combat. A piece of equipment can only be inlaid with 1 Battle Gem. The number of non-combat stones inlaid per piece of equipment is not limited.

What equipment can be inlaid with precious stones? The gem can be inlaid on any equipment with an open slot. Different gems can be inlaid in different positions.

There is no consumption limit when changing and removing gems. You can insert and remove them at will. How do I upgrade gems?

A gem can only be combined with a low quality target gem. The maximum gem level is Equipment encrusted with precious stones cannot be synthesized or used as a material for forging another piece of equipment.

Analysis of equipment. Adrian Cotei. It is crazy. And they want screen shots.. Dylan Freed. My chat does not work iam in k8 it says connecting then connecting failed.

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Done it all to make it work. Matt Mindach. Alan Ng. Home Apps and Software Clash of Kings problems. Recruiting comrades to collect Archangel Set 2.

World Quest, complete the Door Opening event to win rare skin rewards 3. Gold Fountain, 6. Introduction and notice about the subscription function in Clash of Kings CoK : 1.

Name of the service: Subscription 2. After you subscribe, this service will automatically renew your subscription. If you choose to enable this service, we treat it as you permit Clash of Kings to receive the fee due in advance from your iTunes account referred to as Account below before the current subscription is about to end.

The pre-conditions for this service to be effective are that the iTunes account which subscribed to the privilege service is also linked to the Game Center ID bound to the above game account.

To ensure the recurring subscription fee can be deducted accordingly. If the renewal fails because there are not enough funds available in the above account, you are responsible for any and all issues which can arise from your failure to comply with the conditions of the subscription you chose to digitally contract service for.

Within 24 hours before the current subscription ends, the game account which purchased the service of automatic renewal will retrieve the fee for subscription from the corresponding iTunes account.

The time of deducting your balance might be different from the time when the renewal takes effect. This happens because subscriptions are renewed in advance of the date due.

If you encounter this situation, please wait patiently. Version 6. Event Previews 1. Bloody Rose Event Time: Dec. Hero recruitment probability increased December 2-December 8 The probability of drawing Tiger Warrior is doubled!

Clash Of Kings Support We try to answer common questions with our FAQs, so please take a moment to browse these helpful articles. The easiest way is to search by keyword, or browse by category. Clash of Kings game hails from the Beijing-based video game development studios of Elex Wireless. The latest version; New Crescent Civilization is a continuation or expansion of the classic Clash of Kings saga. Clash of Kings: New Crescent Civilization promises a more expansive experience, new civilizations, new ranking system, and new armies. Take your enemies head on in Clash of Kings with BlueStacks. Eliminate tearing and stutters by enabling High FPS as supported by the game. Be always ready to respond immediately in a heavy combat. Repeated Tap. No more endlessly tapping on your phone screen when playing Clash of Kings. Over the past six years, Clash of Kings has won the support of players around the world with its pure and epic war strategy experience, a variety of innovative gameplay, and a healthy, stable social community environment. Clash of Kings is the popular RTS RPG multiplayer war game developed by Elex that lets you build massive armies, ready to do battle against friends and families all over the world on an epic. Gift envelope. If a dragon skill is of the same skill type, only the maximum value will be in effect. However there is a prolific problem Free Football Betting Tips And Predictions external software that exploits the game allowing some players have an unfair advantage against other players at least one alliance mandates the use of it. Pages related to clash of kings facebook login problem are also Brawl Stars Altersfreigabe. Vinted Habe die ganze Entwicklung miterlebt und kann es kaum fassen. Clash of Kings is the popular RTS RPG multiplayer war game developed by Elex that lets you build massive armies, ready to do battle against friends and families all over the world on an epic. 1/6/ · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue QueueAuthor: Jake LitForNothing. CLASH OF KINGS is a game for android with release date 06/30/ from Elex Wireless. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Decorations that have been set as a preference will receive a star in the upper left corner. Free Slots Real Money No Deposit got an incoherent apology saying that they were sorry for the inconvenience. Excavation of an additional treasure is carried out only for gold. The chance of successful forging depends on the quality of the obsidian used. Players can also see the mark on the kingdom minimap. Development type hero. Dragon glass is divided into five types by color: green, blue, purple, orange, gold. Forging equipment of level 43 requires a significant amount of steel. When the progress of the reformation reaches maximum progress, the reformation of this part will move on to the next phase. There is no upper limit on the number of chances for you to attack a Civilization Fortress. It is crazy. Blue tuning and blue tuning in synthesis can only give blue tuning. I have reinstalled and uninstalled the game twice but it did not work. Equipment blueprints can be obtained by combining the corresponding fragments.

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